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Town Fiestas & Festivals

Event Date Place
74th Lingayen Gulf Landings Anniversary & 10th Pangasinan Veterans Day January 9 Veterans Memorial Park, Lingayen
Lingayen Town Fiesta (Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord ) January 2-6 Lingayen Town Plaza (District 2)
Bugallon Day "Carabao Festival" January 12 Bugallon Town Plaza (District 2)
Pozorrubio Town Fiesta & Patupat Festival January 3-18 & January 11 Pozorrubio Town Plaza (District 5)
Villasis Town Fiesta & Talong Festival January 11-21 & January 12 Villasis Town Plaza (District 5)
Mabini Town Fiesta (1st Balsaan Festival) January 11-20 Mabini Town Plaza (District 1)
Malasiqui Town Fiesta (Feast of St. Ildephonse) January 19-27 Malasiqui Town Plaza (District 3)
San Fabian Town Fiesta (Feast of St. Fabian) January 11-27 San Fabian Town Plaza (District 4)
Mangatarem Town Fiesta (Feast of St. Raymund Peñaforte) January 19-27 Mangatarem Town Plaza (District 2)
Bagoong Festival January 17-27 Lingayen Town Plaza (District 2)
Binmaley Town Fiesta & Sigay Festival January 25-February 3 & February 3 Binmaley Town Plaza (District 2)
Pakwan Festival January 27- February 2 Bani Town Plaza (District 1)
Sta. Maria Town Fiesta "Mushroom Festival" January 15 – February 21 Sta.Maria (District 6)
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes Salasa Church Bugallon "Marian Festival/Exhibit" February 1-11 Brgy. Salasa, Bugallon (District 2)
Natividad Town Fiesta February 10-14 Natividad (District 6)
Binalonan Town Fiesta (Feast of Sto. Niño) February 2- 19 Binalonan (District 5)
Dasol Town Fiesta (Asin Festival) March 7-10 Dasol (District 1)
Laoac Town Fiesta (Tupig Festival) March 1-6 Laoac (District 5)
Tayug Town Fiesta (Feast of St. Patrick of Ireland) "Sun Flower Eco-Park" March 10-21 Tayug (District 6)
Mangaldan Town Fiesta (Pindang Festival) January 28-March 10 Mangaldan (District 4)
San Manuel Town Fiesta March 10-15 San Manuel (District 6)
Alaminos City (Paraw Festival) March 19-28 Alaminos City (District 1)
Balungao Town Fiesta (Goat Festival) March 16-21 Balungao (District 6)
Aguilar Town Fiesta (Feast of St. Joseph) March 14-19 Aguilar (District 2)
Sto. Tomas (Corn Festival) March 22-25 Sto. Tomas (District 5)
Semana Santa ed Kapitolyo March 28 Capitol Complex, Lingayen
Agew na Pangasinan (Pangasinan 439thCharter Day) April 5 Capitol Complex Lingayen
Pista’y Dayat (Sea Festival of the North) April 5 to May 10 Capitol Complex Lingayen
Bayambang Town Fiesta (Fest of St. Vincent Ferrer) (Malangsi Festival) April 1-8 Bayambang (District 3)
Bolinao Town Fiesta (Mangunguna Festival) April 9-14 Bolinao (District 1)
Holy Week Pilgrimage Redeemer's Way of the Cross April 20 Bani (District 1)
Mapandan Town Fiesta & (Pandan Festival) April 11-16 Mapandan (District 3)
Dagupan City (Bangus Festival) April 6 to May 30 Dagupan City (District 4)
San Carlos City Fiesta (Mango Bamboo Festival) April 18-28 San Carlos City (District 3)
Anda Town Fiesta (Binungey Festival) April 17 Anda (District 1)
Umingan Town Fiesta (3rd Kalabasa Festival) April 5-14 Umingan (District 6)
Asingan Town Fiesta April 3-9 Asingan (District 6)
Infanta Town Fiesta (Fest of St. John) April 27-29 Infanta (District 1)
Sual Town Fiesta (Feast of St. Peter) April 16-29 Sual (District 1)
Agno (Umbrella Rocks Festival) April 23-28 Agno (District 1)
Urbiztondo Town Fiesta (Feast of St. Pius) May 4-5 Urbiztondo (District 2)
Alacala Town Fiesta May 1-5 Alacala (District 5)
Calasiao Town Fiesta (Feast of Señor Divino Tesoro) May 1–7 Calasiao (District 3)
Manaoag Town Fiesta May 6 - 10 Manaoag (District 4)
Burgos Town Fiesta (Bayog Festival) May 11-16 Burgos (District 1)
Labrador Town Fiesta (Feast of St. Isidro) May 14-15 Labrador (District 2)
San Jacinto Town Fiesta (Feast of St. Jacinto) May 18 San Jacinto (District 4)
San Quintin Town Fiesta "Rangga-Rangga Festival" May 10-18 San Quintin (District 6)
Lilikagan/Kalanguya (Tribal Festival) May 16 Brgy.Malicu San Nicolas (District 6)
Rosales Town Fiesta (Tinapa Festival) June 9-16 Rosales (District 6)
Bautista (Feast of St. John the Baptist) June 23-24 Bautista (District 5)
Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul June 28-29 Calasiao (District 3)
Anniversary of St. James The Great Fortress Church July 24-25 Bolinao (District 1)
Pangasinan Tourism Month Celebration September 1-30 Lingayen (District 2)
Basista Town Fiesta September 5 Basista (District 1)
Aguilar Day (Ansagket Festival) October 23-27 Aguilar (District 2)
Speaker Eugenio Perez Day November 13 San Carlos City (District 3)
Bugallon Town Fiesta (Feast of St. Andrew) November 25-30 Bugallon (District 2)
Urdaneta City TownFiesta (Feast of Immaculate Conception) December 1-14 Urdaneta City (District 1)
Dagupan City Fiesta (Fest of St. John Evangelist) December 4 -31 Dagupan City (District 4)
Thanks Giving & Town Fiesta December 7-9 Bani (District 1)
Calasiao (Puto Festival) December 9 - 13 Calasiao (District 3)
Calasiao (District 3) December 1-9 Sta. Barbara (District 3)
Manaoag Town Fiesta (Galicayo Festival) December 8 Manaoag (District 4)
Agew na Urbiztondo "Kanen Festival" December 27-29 Urbiztondo (District 2)