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There’s an adventure waiting for everyone in Pangasinan. From the leisure-finding beach bum to nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers. Choose your adventure and experience Pangasinan!





  • Dragon boat racing
  • Fishing
  • Swimming / Kayaking
  • Recreational water activities (banana boat, fly fish, helmet diving, parasailing)
  • Snorkeling / Scuba Diving
  • Stand-up paddle / Skim boarding
  • Beach volleyball and soccer
  • Inter-island Zip lining
  • Island hopping
  • Power Kite and Kite Land Boarding
  • Skating



Explore Pangasinan’s unique ecotourism sites and special interest sites for your educational trip or unique culinary experience.

  • Learn about marine resources
  • Dine in a floating restaurant
  • Learn how salt is made
  • Enjoy Pangasinan Cuisine



Pangasinan has numerous foothills, terrains and caves that offer divers array of challenges for sports enthusiasts and nature trekkers.

  • Hiking
  • Caving
  • Camping
  • Ziplining
  • Mountain biking
  • ATV riding



The province has a handful of world-class sports facilities which can accommodate national and event international sports meets. The province’s extensive and well-maintained highways and roads also provide paradise for the professional and amateur cyclists.

  • Athletics (i.e. track and field, road running, Paralympics, etc.)
  • Team Sports (i.e. Basketball, Football, Volleyball, etc.)
  • Combat Sports (martial arts)
  • Dance Sports
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis
  • Cycling (road bicycle cycling)





The Pangasinan Capitol Building serves as the seat of both its executive and legislative branches of government. It houses the offices of the Governor, the Vice-Governor and the Provincial Board Members, and several provincial government departments.

Located in the vast expanse of the Capitol Complex, visitors will find lush parks and gardens, tree-lined avenues, palatial structures and edifices and a panoramic view of a sunset at the Gulf to be perfect complementary components of a history well told.




Governor Daniel Maramba, a farmer and a revolutionary, led the construction of the provincial capitol in April 1917 and completed the project in December 1918.  Its inauguration in February 1919, featured a Pangasinan Exposition, which focused the attention of the entire nation on the province, its agricultural and industrial products, its achievements and potentials.  At the time of its inaugural, the capitol was the most beautiful provincial building in the country, admired and copied by other provinces.

This building saw the ravages of World War II and was partly destroyed in 1945 during the LIngayen Gulf Landings.  It was then reconstructed in 1949 under the US Rehabilitation Act.

The National Commission for Culture and Arts  and the Filipino Heritage Festival declared this building as one of the eight architectural treasures of the Philippines. Designed by Architect Ralph Doane, this neo classic edifice has ornamental concrete decorations with native motiffs.

Former Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr., now Congressman of 5th District, completed its full restoration and refurbishment at the start of his term in 2007, and placed it back to its former glory as the country’s most beautiful.




Fronting the historic Lingayen Gulf, the Capitol Building has been a witness to the valor of Filipino patriots and fighters along with the allied forces led by Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur who landed in the shores of the Lingayen Gulf for the Liberation of Luzon.

The Lingayen Gulf was one of the strategic places during World War II. Japanese forces under Gen. Masaharu Homma landed on the shores of Pangasinan in December 1941, a few days after the attack on Pearl Harbor and started the Japanese occupation of the country. In 1945, during the Battle of Pangasinan, American troops landed on the beaches of Pangasinan and joined Pangasinense guerrillas together with the Philippine Commonwealth troops to free Luzon from the Japanese.

Every January 9, Pangasinenses commemorate the landing events at the Veterans Memorial Park in honor of the allied soldiers and war veterans.



January 9 – Lingayen Gulf Landings commemorative celebration, held at the Veterans Memorial Park.

April 5 – Agew na Pangasinan or Foundation Day celebration with various cultural events showcasing the best of Pangasinan.

Last week of April to May 2 – Pista’y Dayat or Sea Festival with a series of fun events like boat parade, beach sports competitions, concerts, trade fairs and more.

December – Christmas celebration kicks off by the lighting of a giant Christmas tree with the traditional 9-day Misa de Gallo observed in late afternoons starting December 15.



Make your Capitol Complex visit more memorable with one of our accredited Tour Guides.  These tour guides will let you understand that the complex is more than just a government facility but an interesting tourist destination.  The tour involves a walk around the complex with an option to include a 20-minute cultural show by the Danggoan Cultural Group  at the grand Sison Auditorium, and sumptuous snacks served at the Capitol Resort Hotel.  Contact the Tourism Office for information and assistance.



The Capitol Heritage Tour does not end at the complex. Discover Lingayen Heritage with a visit to the nearby President Fidel V. Ramos Ancestral House and the Epiphany of our Lord Parish Church, with its    collection of church bells.  Learn how the famous Lingayen Bagoong is made in one of the town’s           bagoong factories or extend your stay overnight to enjoy the cool breeze of the Lingayen Gulf. You can even join local health buffs in their Zumba sessions at the Lingayen Beach Bay Walk every Saturday   morning.



One of the Capitol Complex’s unique features is having its own extensive beach front.  The Capitol Beach front is an ideal venue for campings, beach concerts, sports events like beach volleyball, beach soccer,  water sports like kayaking and skim boarding, and a lot more.  The beachfront has several dozens of free cottages for public use. Swimmers are safeguarded by beach lifeguards and the place is well-lit and well-secured.



The Capitol Pasalubong and Tourist Assistance Center features a visitor information center, a mini café, and pasalubong shops that feature Pangasinan’s best native food and delicacies, handicrafts and other   souvenir items. The center is conveniently located along the Capitol beachfront. Open every day including weekends, from 8am to 5pm.



This provincial government-owned hotel fronting the Lingayen beach is conveniently located at the Capitol Complex.  The hotel features 16 hotel rooms, 2 function halls, 1 conference room, swimming pools, a driving range and a putting green.  For reservations, please contact the Capitol Resort Hotel.



Constructed in 1927, this edifice, popularly became the “Grand Provincial Auditorium” as it served as venue for major functions in Pangasinan.

Restored to its majestic architecture and refurbished with state-of-the art facilities in 2008, it was easily branded by its   clients and the public as the Cultural Center of Northern Philippines.

It is now the top choice venue for concerts, theatre plays, exhibits, social and major government functions, and conventions. For bookings, contact PTCAO.



This building is one of the newest facilities added to the complex, with a component outdoor compound in its    vicinity. With a fully-equipped function hall that can accommodate up to 1,000 persons,  it serves as a venue for    seminars, trainings, conventions, exhibits and other events.  The outdoor compound also serves as venue for such events like the annual Pangasinan Tourism and Trade Expo where Pangasinan’s best products and services are showcased during the Pistay Dayat celebrations. For        bookings, contact PTCAO.




The 3.5-hectare Narciso Ramos Sports & Civic Center is the   premiere sports and recreation center in Pangasinan. With its    international standard track and field oval, swimming pool, grandstand (max. 16,000 bleacher seats), gymnasium (max. 2,500 seats), dormitories (698-bed capacity), outdoor courts, bowling alley, sports gym, lagoon, and a restaurant, it is a     one-stop sports, civic and recreation center all in one.  It served as a venue for numerous national and international sporting events including the Palarong Pambansa in 1995 and 2012.

NRSCC is open to the public seven days a week and charges reasonable rates for its different facilities and amenities.


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