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Villasis was a barrio of Malasiqui in the early 17th century and was known by its former name, “Pandoyocan” because it is the nesting ground of bees called “oyocan”.

The town’s accessibility to all kinds of transportation has made Villasis a bustling center of trade and commerce.

Villasis is an ideal site for investors in agro-industry for the following reasons:

1)    It is strategically located and accessible to all points of Luzon.
2)    It has well-developed infra- support facilities such as power, water, transportation,                     and communication, a wide agricultural base and availability of skilled and
disciplined labor force.
3)    It has one of the lowest crime rates in the region as well as having an efficient and
traffic-free transport system, relatively low real estate value and strong people
and LGU support.

LAND AREA                         :    7,583 hectares
POPULATION                      :    57014
NO. OF BARANGAYS        :    21
CLASSIFICATION              :    1st class
TOWN FIESTA                     :    2nd week of January
FESTIVAL                             :    Talong Festival (2nd week of January)
PRODUCTS                            :    rice, vegetables, sugar cane vinegar, feeds, corn, cassava
INDUSTRIES                        :    livestock and poultry raising