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Urdaneta City

Urdaneta was founded on January 8, 1858.  It was named after the famous aide of Magellan, Father Simon de Urdaneta, a soldier, navigator, cosmographer and evangelist.

Urdaneta became a city in 1997 by virtue of RA 8480.  It is the commercial
and education center of eastern Pangasinan.

LAND AREA                     :    12,100 hectares
POPULATION                  :    122,113
NO. OF BARANGAYS    :    34
CLASSIFICATION          :    2nd class city
FIESTA                               :    December 1-8
PRODUCTS                        :    rice, vegetables, noodles
POINTS OF INTEREST  :    Museo de Urdaneta, Cabaruan, Sugcong and Oltama Rolling Hills