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Tayug was first organized as a municipality in the Province of Nueva Ecija on February 4, 1817.  In 1837, Tayug was ceded to the Province of Pangasinan.  In 1851, it was once again
incorporated with the Province of Nueva Ecija.  Not until 1864 was Tayug again made a part of Pangasinan.

The town of Tayug got its name from a very tall tree that once grew in the heart of the town.  The Bacayao tree was so tall that in Ilocano they call it “Layug”.  Due to the difficulty of the people to pronounce the letter “L”, they changed it to the letter “T” by common usage.  Hence, the name TAYUG came about.

LAND AREA                       :    5,130 hectares
POPULATION                    :    38,803
NO. OF BARANGAYS      :    21
CLASSIFICATION            :    3rd class
TOWN FIESTA                    :    March 15-17
PRODUCTS                           :    commercial crops, livestock and poultry
POINTS OF INTEREST     :    St. Patrick Church    (1817)