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The town of Sual was founded on May 20, 1805 when Governor General Rafael Maria de Aguilar issued a decree granting the separation of Sual from
Labrador because Sual was initially a part of San Isidro Labrador de Tobuang
(now called Labrador).

The natural harbor of Sual offers a safe anchorage and shelter to ships from the open sea because it is snugly sitting in a cove and its depth could accommodate big vessels to dock.  It was an open port of entry during the more than two centuries of the galleon trade.

The Philippines’ largest coal powered plant, the 1,200 megawatt Sual Coal-Fired Power Plant is located in the said municipality.

LAND AREA                        :    20,181 hectares
POPULATION                     :    25,832
NO. OF BARANGAYS       :    19
CLASSIFICATION             :    1st class
FIESTA                                  :    April 28-29
PRODUCTS                           :    Dried Fish, Mango
POINTS OF INTEREST     :    St. Peter Martyr Church (1835)
Cabalitian Island
Masamarey Beach
Mayaman Water falls
Mabuclao Falls
Limahon Cave