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Santo Tomas

Prior to its creation as a municipality, Sto. Tomas was only a barrio of Alcala which at the time was called “Arranggo”.  When the municipality was created in 1898, the name “Arranggo” was changed to “Sto. Tomas”.  In less than a year, the municipality ceased to exist as such when the American Military Government was established in the Philippine Island.  Prominent leaders petitioned the American Army General to recognize the township of Sto. Tomas.   In 1902, the township of Sto. Tomas was recognized for the second time.  When the Civil Government was established and ostensibly for economic reasons, an order was issued fusing all small municipalities with mother municipalities.  Sto. Tomas was fused with Alcala.  The people of Sto. Tomas did not lose hope fighting for the separation,
creation and organization of their town into a separate municipality.  Thus, for the third time in February 10, 1908, the Municipality of Sto. Tomas, Pangasinan was created and existed up to these days.

Sto. Tomas was etched in the Guinness World Records for creating the
longest barbecue measuring 3,803.96 m on February 11, 2008.

LAND AREA                       :    1,429 hectares
POPULATION                    :    12,359
NO. OF BARANGAYS     :    10
CLASSIFICATION           :    5th class
FIESTA                                :    March 23-24
PRODUCTS                         :    palay, yellow corn, coconut, tobacco, poultry and livestock