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Santa Barbara

Sta. Barbara was originally called Sta. Barbara de Tolong.  The town was founded on October 30, 1741.  To commemorate the significance of its foundation, the local
government declared October 30 as “Agew na Sta. Barbara” in October 30, 2009.

Sta. Barbara is the hometown of Don Daniel B. Maramba, the “Grand Old Man of Pangasinan” who served as the 7th Governor of Pangasinan. It was during his term that the Provincial Capitol Building was built in 1918.

LAND AREA                           :    6,548 hectares
POPULATION                        :    75,569
NO. OF BARANGAYS          :    29
CLASSIFICATION                :    1st class
TOWN FIESTA                        :    December 4
PAROCHIAL FIESTA           :    Last Sunday of the year
Agri Non-Manufactured
Products                                  :    rice, yellow corn, vegetables (okra, squash, beans, eggplant, tomato and ampalaya), mango, fisheries
Manufactured Products    :    Nata de Coco, deboned, marinated, smoked fish, rice cakes, papaya pickles, malunggay noodles,
red bricks, hollow blocks, handicrafts, bamboo and rattan, furniture
TOURIST ATTRACTIONS    :    Holy Family Parish Church
Gawad Kalinga (GK)- Larioville (Leet)
Bigal House
(former residence of Don Daniel Maramba)
Tomb of Don Daniel Maramba
Provincial Nursery