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San Jacinto

San Jacinto was founded on August 17, 1598 by Rev. Fr. Herminigildo Milgar.  The town was named after Father Jacinto who was canonized by Pope Clemente in 1598.

San Jacinto was made a regular municipality in 1601 making it one of the oldest municipalities of the Province.

LAND AREA                        :    3,995 hectares
POPULATION                     :    35,591
NO. OF BARANGAYS       :    19
CLASSIFICATION             :    3rd class
TOWN FIESTA                    :    May 18-19
PAROCHIAL FIESTA       :    August 17
INDUSTRIES                       :    agriculture, construction, poultry, dressing plant, sand and  gravel crushing plant, asphalt batching
plant, poultry contract grower, small-scale handicraft and rope making
PRODUCTS                          :    rice, corn, tobacco