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The town of Pozorrubio was formally inaugurated on January 13, 1870.  Pozorrubio is known for her exportable handicrafts consisting of rattan, buri, bamboo and metal crafts.

LAND AREA                          :    8,965 hectares
POPULATION                       :    63,689
NO. OF BARANGAYS         :    34
CLASSIFICATION               :    1st class
FOUNDATION DAY            :    January 13
TOWN FIESTA                      :    January 9-14
PRODUCTS                             :    rice, sugar cane, tobacco, mango, vegetables, and legumes, coconut corn and cotton
COTTAGE INDUSTRIES    :    bamboo and rattan products for exports, swords, knives, bolos and  other metal crafts
OTHER INDUSTRIES          :    sand and gravel, leather craft, gold panning, fresh water fishponds, poultry and cattle raising    
POINTS OF INTEREST        :    Quibuar Springs, Guernica Hill