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Mangatarem derived its name from the combination of the Ilocano word “Manga ken Tirem” which means “mango and oyster”.  According to old tales, the name “Mangatarem” was attributed to woodcutters who happened to meet each other in a forested area which is now the present site of the town.  One of them had a mango as his viand while the other one had oysters.  When both of them saw this, they exclaimed “Manga ken Tirem”, thus, the name Mangatirem or Mangatarem.

LAND AREA                             :    36,856 hectares
POPULATION                          :    66,001
NO. OF BARANGAYS            :    82
CLASSIFICATION                  :    2nd class
TOWN FIESTA                          :    Last Saturday & Sunday of January
PRODUCTS/INDUSTRIES    :    tupig, agriculture, natural and mineral sources, forest production, mini-hydroelectric project
TOURIST ATTRACTIONS     :    Manleluag Hot Spring
Immaltar Hot Spring
Manleluag Spring Protected Landscape
Pacalat Impounding Dam
Anthea Aerodrome
Kanding Waterfalls
Bisuor Waterfalls
Tangguyob Waterfalls
St. Raymund de Penafort Church