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“Get out from your doubts and worries. Labrador is a flood-free town and away from faultline zone of dangers.  It is a town of beauteous and grandeous resorts, a cradle of crystal-like beaches filled with aromatic and therapeutic breeze you would enjoy and to heal your anxieties.

Come and experience the warmth, care and comfort of the peaceful Labradorians in their blessed land.”

The municipality was formerly known as San Isidro Labrador in honor of its Patron Saint, St. Isidro Labrador.  The town was created in the year 1754 and was headed by Captain Vicente Escano.  In the year 1939, it became an independent town and
renamed LABRADOR by virtue of Republic Act No. 2390.

LAND AREA                         :    11,233 hectares
POPULATION                      :    20,508
NO. OF BARANGAYS        :    10
CLASSIFICATION              :    5th class
TOWN FIESTA                     :    May 14 to 15
FESTIVAL                             :    Holistic Festival (February 27)
PRODUCTS                            :    broom making and sawali making
POINTS OF INTEREST      :    Parish of St. Isisdro Labrador (1765), Tandoc Falls, Tinakayan Falls, Beautiful beaches