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Burgos was founded as an independent town in 1830 by the early Ilocanos from Paoay, Ilocos Norte headed by Don Matias Guiang.  As the settlement grew thickly populated and extensive, Don Matias Guiang led a petition to the Governor of Zambales to create a new town out of the settlement.  The
request was granted and the new town was named San Isidro which was
finally renamed Burgos, after the Filipino martyr priest who was executed during the Spanish regime.

The town of Burgos was ceded to the Province of Pangasinan by virtue of Public Act No. 1004 dated November 30, 1903 of the Philippine

LAND AREA                           :    14,025 hectares
POPULATION                        :    18, 142
NO. OF BARANGAYS          :    14
CLASSIFICATION                :    4th class
FIESTA                                     :    May 14-15
PRODUCTS                              :    rice, bamboo, charcoal, coconut, fish
TOURIST ATTRACTIONS  :    Cabongaoan White Sand Beach, Sangbay Falls, Danao Lake, Rolling Hills, Pao Beach, Paratek Beach