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The municipality of Bugallon was formerly called “Salasa”.  It was founded in January 24, 1719.  The town was named after the town’s hero, Major Jose Torres
Bugallon, who was born in Salasa.

LAND AREA                       :    16,652 hectares
POPULATION                    :    62,929
NO. OF BARANGAYS      :    24
CLASSIFICATION            :    2nd class
TOWN FIESTA                   :    November 29-30
PRODUCTS                          :    rice, mango, antique home furnishings fruit wine/vinegar, sawali, duhat wine
POINTS OF INTEREST    :    Shrine of the Our Lady of Lourdes/Salasa Chruch (1720), Busay Waterfalls, Mt. Zion Pilgrim’s Site
Biak-na-Bato Falls, Gen. Torres Bugallon Park