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Bayambang in the early days had a big territorial coverage.  The municipalities of Bautista, Alcala, Sto. Tomas and Rosales were once part of the old Bayambang.  Today, its size had been reduced after the aforementioned municipalities attained municipal status.  Bayambang was founded in the 16th century by an Aeta known as Agalet.

The name of the town according to the legend came from the name of a plant called “balangbang”.  As years passed by, the plant became extinct but the name “Bayambang” was retained and was given to designate the town.

LAND AREA                       :    18,305 hectares
POPULATION                    :    96,609
NO. OF BARANGAYS      :    77
CLASSIFICATION            :    1st class        
TOWN FIESTA                   :    April 5-10
FESTIVAL                           :    Malangsi Fishtival (1st week of April)
PRODUCTS                          :    yellow corn, onion, fish buro, rice crackers
POINTS OF INTEREST    :    Parish of St. Vincent Ferrer    (1614), Mangabul Lake

Check out Municipality of Bayambang website.