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Basista was once a biggest and most progressive barrio of San Carlos City.

The town of Basista was born by a long legal battle.  On September 5, 1961, President Carlos P. Garcia issued Executive Order No. 44 creating the town of Basista composed of 13 barrios.  After 4 years, the Supreme Court declared the town’s
creation as illegal citing their ruling in the “Emmanuel Pelaez as Auditor General” that “municipalities created under Executive Orders are void”.  Republic Act No. 4866 was enacted into law and legally created Basista as a town of Pangasinan.

LAND AREA                         :    3,050 hectares
POPULATION                      :    26,616
NO. OF BARANGAYS        :    13
CLASSIFICATION              :    4th class
TOWN FIESTA                      :    3rd Saturday and Sunday of March    
PRODUCT                               :    rope, corn
INDUSTRY                            :    cottage industry