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Formerly named San Simon, was once a part of Northern Zambales.  On November 21, 1903, it was annexed to the Province of  Pangasinan.

What brought about the transfer of the town to its present location and at the same time its name from San Simon to Bani was based on a miracle story.  It is said that one town fiesta celebration, the statue of their patron saint, the Immaculate Concepcion, disappeared from the altar.  The people were worried where to find the statue.  They found it under a big tree called “bani” which was three kilometers from the town proper.   The people returned it to the altar but the following morning, the statue was again under the “bani” tree.

LAND AREA                                          :    20, 911 hectares    
POPULATION                                       :    42, 824
NO. OF BARANGAYS                         :    27
CLASSIFICATION                               :    2nd class    
PRODUCTS                                             :    aquaculture products, salt, watermelon, rice, yellow corn
TOURIST ATTRACTIONS                 :    Reedemer’s Way of the cross, Bangrin Mangrove Protected Area (birdwatching site),Surip Beach,                                                                          Tubong Beach, Nalsoc Cave,  Abot-Aso Cave, Balingawa Falls, Matmatbag Rolling Hills